Friday, May 8, 2015

May Mix: Running and Staying

I'm back to working in an office
which means...
more listening to music
which means...
Better mixes for all y'all!

Not even going to be modest. This is one of the best I've made.

1. A Change Is Gonna Come - Sam Cooke

2. Que Sera - Wax Tailor

3. Multi-Love - Unknown Mortal Orchestra

4. Sea Creatures - SOAK

5. Should Have Known Better - Sufjan Stevens

6. Prélude (Scriabin) - Punch Brothers

7. Brother - Mac DeMarco

8. Before The World Was Big - Girlpool

9. Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)  - Kate Bush

10. Before the Words - My Brightest Diamond

11. In The Aeroplane Over The Sea - Neutral Milk Hotel

12. Play It Right - Sylvan Esso

13. Water Slides (Acoustic Version) - Mew

14. Billions of Eyes  - Lady Lamb

15. After Me - Misun

16. Unravel - Björk

17. Forget About - Sibylle Baier

1. This song came out over 50 years ago, and where are we? The work started during the civil rights era is far from over.
2. Have you see The Man who Knew Too Much? A favorite.
3. Coming to Salt Lake July 29th 
4. Practically a baby. You go girl.
5. This album has grown on me to the point that it is almost too much.
6. um. I didn't really like Punch Brothers new album. Almost practically not at all. But if you want to listen to them auditioning to be in a Guster cover band, then listen to this. And if you want to listen to a song that could literally be telling my future, then listen to this. Otherwise, just listen to the above track where they play Scriabin.
7. Because summer is coming and everyone should quit their jobs.
8. These girls got Willow Smith's stamp of approval, so I guess they're good enough for me. Also, the lyrics are literally my life. Leaving for work at 7:45. Living on the same street I grew up on. Eerie.
9. I took Hounds of Love out for a walk on Wednesday and had a minor freak out. All the top albums from the past few years are essentially just imitations of it, and Kate Bush's work. Really. It's incredible. I feel foolish as I should have given it a listen a long time ago. Thanks to little brother Jeremy for pointing me in the right direction.
10. Have you seen this? Fun.
11. Everyones favorite hipster love anthem.
12. Watch this fun thing!
13. Listen to (and download for free! ) the real acoustic version here! Found Mew through Birdy's cover, and been in love with them ever since.
14. Thanks to Julia for introducing me to this!
15. Fun and good. Good and fun.
16. Bjork breaks my heart all the time.
17. But this song is the most heartbreaking! Check out Sibylle's story. It's sweet. Recorded an album, mostly on her own for family and friends. Was undiscovered for 30 years till her son made copies and sent it out. Became a big thing. Imagine that.

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