Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Walking with Ravel

I did my work slowly, drop by drop.I tore it out of me by pieces.                                               -Ravel

I need to walk. It's the only time my mind and my body can relax at the same time.
Last Sunday, I grabbed a compilation by Faure which I mistakenly thought was Ravel (I don't know much about classical music, obvy). It was NOT what I wanted at all. The completely wrong medication leaving me agitated and unsettled. So much so, I had to cut my walk short and it set a dark tone on the rest of the day. All I wanted to do was listen to Pavanne pour une enfente defunte out in the fresh air. Sometimes I can be very pretentious and fancy. I was so disappointed that my plans were foiled.

This week I was better prepared. I found the right compilation at the library, and was able to have one of my best Sunday walks yet. When you are walking and listening to this, it makes you feel like everything you do is intentional, important.
And also like you are going a bit mad.
It's great.

I had completely forgotten about this great Radiolab podcast about the music and the artist Anne Adams. It is one of the best, and I really think you should listen to it. Below is the art piece that Anne created after listening to Bolero by Ravel.

Listen to the podcast here

Warning: So so sad

Read more about aphasia here

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