Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Music for you Midweek: Emmylou Harris - "Calling My Children Home"

My grandma, Billie Ann, passed away early yesterday morning. She had been in the hospital, rehab, and eventually hospice care over the past month. It was a comfort to know that she was at peace, and free from pain. I visited her with my family on Monday afternoon, knowing she would not be long with us. Jeremy and I played played on the guitar and sang for her.

My mom, aunt Kristin, and grandma Billie Ann at lunch together last summer

My grandma always loved music. She's told us for years that at her funeral, she didn't want any long talks, just favorite hymns and songs. One of her requests was for us to sing "Calling My Children Home". This arrangement by Emmylou Harris is particularly lovely. I hope we can do it justice. Much love to you, grandma.


  1. Oh, Gretchen, I'm so sorry! I have so many wonderful memories of your lovely grandmother. I never felt as welcome as in her home!