Saturday, February 19, 2011

February Mix: Am I growing wiser, or am I just growing tall?

Late again.

1. "Rosebud" - Sondre Lerche
2. "The Cave" - Mumford & Sons
3. "Away Frm U" - Oberhofer
4. "Truth" - Alexander (Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros side project)
5. "Danger Zone" - Chiddy Bang (Feat. Ratatat)
6. "Sail" - AWOLNATION
7. "Under Cover Of Darkness" - The Strokes
8. "Just Don't Open Your Eyes Yet" - Polarsets
9. "Lions In Cages" - Wolf Gang
10. "Icarus" - Bastille
11. "What Became of You and I"  - Treefight For Sunlight
12. "Lights (Bassnectar Remix" - Ellie Goulding
13. "Only Girl" (Mr. Larsson's The One Dubstep Remix) - Rihanna
14. "Patience" - Nas & Damian Marley
15. "Freedom Hangs Like Heaven" - Iron & Wine
16. "Jai Ho" - Slumdog Millionaire Soundtrack

1. Most people like to put tracks like this at the end of an album. I like them at the beginning. I want the confusion to hit you in the face. It's for your own good.
2. They were just on the Grammy's, did you see them? They are British? Question mark?
3. I love love love love love this song. If you know why I like it, please tell me. I want to know.
4. Boy, this guy sure likes whistling. He's pretty good at it I guess. BTW have you seen this yet? Adorable.
5. Everyone is on the Chiddy Bang band wagon. I'm a little late.
6. YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO THIS SONG REALLY LOUD and at first your room mates will be ok with it because they will think it is a phase that will pass but really it isn't you will listen to this song loud once a day everyday for the rest of your life because face it, the base is addicting.
7. I still don't know how I feel about this song. I miss the old strokes; it seems like they are losing their edge. Whatever.
13. See note for number 6.
14. Remember my New Years mix? Sabali was one of the last tracks. I like it's application in this song.
15. This one goes out to the Egyptians. I'm wishing all the best to you.
16. Let's learn this dance.

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  1. I've listened to Sail precisely 5 times since reading this post last night at 8pm. Great find! Ps. Introduce me to some good music blogs, wont you?