Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cooking with Gretchen

I'm moving out of my apartment in just two weeks. I don't want to buy food, so I need to be creative with what I have. I have a goal to use ALL of it.

For today?

How To Cook Lentils Like A Boss

- Glance over some instructions about how to cook grains and beans and lentils and stuff
- Grab a bowl of lentils
- Cover them in water and let them soak over night
- Forget about them till a day later. Dang it.
- Realize you didn't need to soak them at all. Dang it.
- Put them in a pan with however much water you feel like.
- Look for herbs and spices and stuff in your room mates cupboard.
- Decide on parsley and garlic salt. 
- Add copious amounts of both.
- Read that you shouldn't add salt til AFTER the lentils are cooked. Dang it.
- Add some olive oil for good measure.
- Add WAY too much. Dang it.
- Decide to add potatoes to make up for the olive oil. (cooking karma)
- Wash, peel, and cut up two potatoes.
- Add to mix and let sit.
- The lentils are done! yay!
- The potatoes are not done. Dang it.
- Add about a bowl full of water and let it cook some more.
- Sample pieces of potato every five minutes or so to see if they're going to be done soon. They are crunchy and undercooked. Dang it.
- Wait for another half of forever.
- Decide it's done enough.
- Put some in a bowl.
- Taste it.
- Realize that despite your mistakes, you pwnd those lentils.
- Boo-yah

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