Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What are you doing this Thanksgiving?

I'm going to be watching a lot of Gossip Girl on Netflix.

"I'm Chuck Bass. And I'm wishing you a scandalous Thanksgiving."
It's a problem.

But I'm also going to do some more worthwhile things.

. Write a paper on Borges
. Read  a few capitulos of Don Quijote
. Start moving out of my apartment
. Try out this Yam Frosting recipe from the Carolina Chocolate Drops
. Eat some food
. Learn how to play "The Suburbs" by Arcade Fire on the piano
. Sync my iPod
. NOT go shopping on Black Friday
. Go on my Avenues run
. Rock and roll all night and party everyday
. Get rid of all my belongings. Seriously. I need to de-clutter bigtime. Virtual garage sale? Maybe.
. Go to a birthday party
. Watch the Jonsi Go Live dvd
. Drink some mate
. Start cutting up old sweatshirts to make a quilt
. Play some kickball
. Put up Christmas decorations
. Visit the Timpanogas temple for the first time
. FINALLY go to the dollar theater to see Planet of the Apes*
. Oh yeah. And see family and eat food and stuff.

Man. I'm going to be busy! Maybe I won't have time for Gossip Girl anyway.

*You probably thought I was going to go see "The Help," didn't you. I do want to see that too. I'll get to it eventually. Do you want to know my opinion about that book? Ironically, there is a character in the story called "Gretchen". She has a short conversation with Skeeter; she has only one page in the whole novel. Anyway, we share the same name, and the same point of view. Check it out.

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