Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Name that tune

Have you ever had a song stuck in your head for years? You may not know who it's by, or where it's from, but certain phrases just repeat repeat and repeat?
I had one of those for years. Like, for maybe a decade.
Specifically this phrase:
But I'm warning you, don't ever dothose crazy, messed up things that you do...
Cant you tell what it's from? That musical cadence? It reminds me of this song from seconds 20-40. Funny, because both songs touch on the same themes of trust. One at the beginning of a relationship, the other in the aftermath of a relationship.

Anyway, I just figured out what that song is.

It's this:

I'm a bit horrified with myself. I've always disdained Barenaked Ladies, and now I've found that one of their songs has become an integral part of my psyche.
This song is kind of great. I kind of love it. I kind of want to be one of those girls who videotapes herself singing other people's songs and posting it on youtube.
Kind of.

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