Sunday, January 8, 2012

Resolutions 2012

Today was Fast Sunday, so I'm just going to pretend that it is also the first day of the year as well. Here are my resolutions!

1. Put myself first
When I'm out-on-the-town/busting-a-move/at-the-singles-ward-"break-the-fast", I'm not going to try and be like the cool kids anymore. I won't dress like them, I won't act nonchalant and aloof (or conversely out-of-control and raunchy).  I won't act one way, simply because it's expected of me. I will wash my hair more (this is a real problem). I will wear more makeup when I need to, and less when I don't need to. I will do what I'm supposed to even if it seems a) boring, b) difficult, c) exhausting, d) potentially embarrassing because this is no time to be a wuss.
 2. Put others first
When I start to judge other people, I will stop. I will recognize that we face similar problems but deal with them in different ways. I will text/call/e-mail/talk to people more. I pick meeting new people over a Gossip Girl marathon. I will find ways to serve people instead of looking for new music. I will spend time with my family instead of spending time with my laptop. I used to regularly pick art, books, tv, movies, music...everything over people. But now, I will try and be more like Lucy from A Room With a View: " may understand beautiful things [sad she to her one-time fiance]... but you don't know how to use them; and you wrap yourself up in art and books and music; and would try to wrap me up. I won't be stifled, not by the most glorious music, for people are more glorious".
3. Put the Lord first
I will start and end the day in prayer. I will go to the temple more. I've always had a hard time with regular scripture study. Reading schedules never really fit. So now I'm just going to focus on studying lessons for Sunday School. A novel thought! I'll regularly record my testimony in my journal. 
At first glance, it may seem like these goals are in competition with each other, but really, they compliment each other. Succeeding in one will help me succeed in the others. What are your resolutions?

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