Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Project Grown-up

Oh hey.

I'm back from California, obvs. And back to real life.

So this VISTA thing I'm doing is kind of  big deal.
All the people there seem so... competent. And I feel so... not.

Everyone is assuring me that they all felt the same way. You have to battle through the first few weeks, teaching yourself what to do and relying on the kindness of others.

But I still feel a bit anxious. And it's unsettling to be able to come home, and not worry about tests, or essays, or studying. Super weird.

And I never thought I would ever work in an office; but now I'll be in one everyday. Time sheets, lunch breaks, dress codes... what are those?

Also, I'm in a new, fancy apartment (the nicest I've ever been in, for sure), with a private room and a walk-in closet and a queen size bed and a tv WITH SATELLITE. It's all very unnatural. I don't know if I like this grown-up thing.

So basically what I'm saying, is this is a lot to take in.

And I may have started tearing up when I heard the first 5 seconds of this song, simply because of the summer night sounds with crickets chirping.

And then I listened to this song, and that just made it so, so much worse.

But also better too. Songs like this usually make me feel better in a way.

So here's to the official beginning of my adulthood.
This week I will be :

  1. Starting my one-year of service with United Way
  2. Turning 25. 
  3. Freaking out on a regular basis

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