Thursday, April 5, 2012

Order in our Home

I think it's important to personalize the places you inhabit. This past weekend, I set out to find some of the quirkier parts of our house. Places that usually go unnoticed, especially by guests. This space is our own.


ready for a picnic
faded construction paper

in the office

laundry room


books that we never read

Records that we always listen to


Christian's "Clothes For the Day"

much-loved D.I. finds

that's entertainment

trying to sort through my things

leather native pouch probably from a tribe my dad works with,
wooden mask from my trip to nepal,
shepard fairey print from Melanie (miss that girl),
mountain print artwork by Tiana (miss that girl too),
the cochabamba bolivia temple

mandala print from nepal and Christian's dates numbers plans

lots o' things to write with

ochre and black

jane avril

"cornered" jajaja

going to my room

*One day I will get a real camera, and it will be great.*

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