Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I'm falling in love...

... with Provo!

Can you believe it?

My relationship ship with Provo has been rocky at best. When I first moved here as a BYU student, I spent most of freshman year pretending I was a student at the U. I mean, come on! The U had a free Ben Kweller concert! BYU didn't stand a chance. I spent most weekends in Salt Lake, and when I was in Provo, I rarely strayed outside my dorm. Subsequent years were campus focused. I spent my summer in Arizona, on a mission, and back east. Last year, I hardly knew Provo at all since I was living by the Sundance Ski Resort. 

But now.

Now I have my first summer with no school following it. My first summer in Provo. 
So far, it's been lovely. There are so many great things to do, it's hard to fit it all in. I have high hopes for the next few months. 

My new ward is a cool mix of people. Yesterday, we had family home evening at Muse since some of the kids who run it are in the ward. Everyones eccentricities were on full display. Every musical number was totally different. And all topped off with a dance party. Lovely. This week alone, I have free yoga classes, institute, the RSL v. BYU soccer game, the pacific islander festival, an art show opening....not to mention our soccer league and community meetings. It's busy, and I like it.
Because I work in the United Way office, we try to keep track of community events. I went to the Mayor's "Bike To Work Day," and it was lovely. I was "on assignment," taking photos for a blog post. Can I just tell you how much I miss having a camera? Really, my soul hurts. I used one of these:

It was AWESOME. I felt like a fool, just had to use it on automatic cause I had no idea what I was doing. But guess how much it cost...

OVER $1,300!!!!
Is that normal?

No wonder people were staring while I was scarfing down my free bagel, getting crumbs all over the poor thing. 

I'll see if I can sneak some of the photos from the event onto this blog. I miss taking pictures so much.

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