Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The best part of having a grown-up job:

Confronting mansplaining on an almost daily basis.

It's real folks. In fact, one of my supervisors actually warned me about it and said they've had to face it a lot too. Some things you say will be ignored by certain people. It's not because the things you say are wrong or unimportant, but simply because you're a girl. 

It really makes me miss school. I had lame guys in my classes too but we were essentially on equal footing. They were easier to ignore since their opinion of me didn't really matter. I CANNOT WAIT to be back in school again.

BUT there are a lot of other things I like about working too! I'm trying to be more positive/grateful, so here are my top ten things I like about my job:

1. I know I'm doing something good everyday. I'm so lucky that I can go to work and know that in some little way, I'm making a positive    contribution to the world. We do good work.

2. Our office is stellar. We truly are a team. I like pretty much everyone. A lot of my coworkers started off as VISTAs as well, so they can provide helpful advice. 

3. Lunch. It's a thing of glory. A respite from the day.

4. I've met the best people in Provo. They are the residents we serve who do more for us then we could for them. They're the volunteers who dedicate hours every week, even though they have so many other responsibilities

5. Vacation, Sick Days, and Comp time. Feel like you just can't hack it? Take a day! This privilege cannot be abused, but I've loved not being forced to slog through a day while my mind is a million miles away and your nose is like the Niagara Falls of snot. Wasn't like that at school; you HAD to be in class.

6. The office is two blocks away. I'm a walking queen.

7. Meals on Wheels. OMYGOODNESS. I can't believe I've told you about this yet. Twice a month I deliver meals, and it is the best. thing. ever. The people we deliver to are characters and they are so sweet.

8. I get to work with the best kids in the world. Oh man, they're the best. 

9. We get to go to interesting conference on community service, non-profit work, etc. Oh! And Vital Smarts trainings. I love those.

10. One of the things I love most about my work, is that it will end.  On January 25th, I will be done as a VISTA. I choose to stay and do another year with the South Franklin Community Center. Or I could find a job in Salt Lake and work for a bit. Or move to an alpaca farm. Or go live in Spain. Or go back to South America. Or just wander around for a bit.
I'm actually tempted to do another VISTA year since it feels like I'm just getting the hang of it, but part of me feels like my time in Provo is over...

yeah, time to move on.

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