Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Music for Your Midweek: Molly Drake

Oh hello. My dear, sweet, patient, readers. I'm still around, just thinking through things. So, I'm going to share something quite special. About a month ago, I became acquainted with Molly Drake's music (thanks Needledrop!) and I've been enchanted ever since.
Molly fell in love young, and was forced to wait until she was the ripe, old age of 21 before she was allowed to get married. Both Molly and her husband were musical. They had two children: Gabrielle and Nicholas (Nick).

I love Nick Drake's music, particularly his album Pink Moon. It carried me through high school. My brother works at Randy's Records, and saved a copy of a new re-issue of the album for me. I've loved listening to it again. Even though most of the songs are quite melancholy, it gives me hope.

Molly Drake's music wasn't discovered till after her death. I don't think there is much hope for me to grow up into a Nick Drake. I wouldn't want that anyway, poor soul. But I hope I get the chance to be a Molly Drake. I want to raise a family with a love of music. And be content to create, if only for my own ears. 

So here is one of those heart songs that you don't want to share, but I guess I will anyway.

Nick Drake died when he was my age.
Can you imagine?


  1. i absolutely love it. i remember listening to her years ago (maybe even this song??) after reading a nick drake biography. it would be fun to work up a version of this on guitar (with you singing, obviously) if you're interested.

    1. Yes, let's do it! A guitar version would be beautiful.