Monday, October 28, 2013

October Mix: I Do Believe in Spooks

A n eerie mix to put you in a haunting mood.

1. Dark Night Of The Soul feat. David Lynch - Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse
2. Bloody Poetry - Grieves
3. Creep - Ingrid Michaelson
4. Evie - Jackson Scott
5. Her Favorite Song (Oliver Remix) - Mayer Hawthorne
6. Ouroboros - Onehtrix Point Ne
7. Re - Nils Frahm
8. Hero Brother - Sarah Neufeld
9. Dimmer Down [Live] - Sivu
10. Flash Delirium - MGMT
11. Yellow Missing Signs - Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin
12. Reaching Through to the Other Side - My Brightest Diamond
13. Thinking About You - Typhoon
14. Easy - Son Lux
15. Export 3 (The Great Elsewhere) [Owen Pallett cover] - Shara Worden
16. Moonshiner - Punch Brothers

If you're a Spotify fan, you can listen to the mix here. Some tracks are missing though.

2. Thanks for introducing me to this artist, Katie.
4. I like Jackson Scott, but I missed him when he came into town because I went to see my brother's band play instead and I am THE BEST SISTER.
6. The week my dad passed away, all I wanted to do was watch The Bling Ring and so I went with the girls the night of my dad's memorial. Now all I wanna watch is Drive which I think is sort of morbidly funny. I guess I deal with trauma in weirdo ways. Anyway. Sofia Coppola always has killer tracks in her movies and Bling Ring was no exception and that's how I found this song. The end.
11. Let's go.
12. I really really just wish that I was Shara Worden. Watch her sing.

15. Oh look, it's Shara Worden again!
16. The Bob Dylan version of this song is my original love.

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