Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Recap Attack: Family fun, and anyone wanna buy a car?

Some stuff from the past couple weeks:

This cool tapestry hangs in the Episcopal Church in Provo. I come here once a month to sing with a Sacred Harp group. One of the highlights of my month :)
Teams preparing to read and do math activities with kids at the United Way Day of Caring. They did a great job!

George and Lindsey through a smashing party for Kimberlee's birthday. Here we have all the fixins for s'mores. We played Gilmore Girls trivia, sang while George and julia played guitar, and almost set ourselves on fire. 

Can it get any better? I submit, it cannot.

Jeremy played a show with his band Chalk, the same night as the Holy War. Rookie mistake. There was a decent crowd though. We all had a jolly good time. I'll talk about it more later. 

My mom let me steal this old shoe rack so I could hang my scarves on it. Isn't that clever? Now I can actually see them so I can actually USE them. 
I feel like I spent half my life trying to get my car in working order so that it could pass emissions. I drove over 300 mile (I have a faulty "check engine" sensor, so I needed to drive it 50 miles after every time I took it in to see if the sensor would go off again...), waited countless hours, and paid hundred of dollars... and it FINALLY PASSED. I noticed this smiley face while I was leaving the mechanics for the last time. Oh yeah, anyone looking to buy a car? For reals.

We had a wedding this weekend! My cousin Emilie married Ross and became a Cairns. It was great. He's a Scot, so all the groomsmen were in kilts, and we had great music and dancing. This bagpiper played all. night. long.
Jeremy and Mumsy.
The Happy Couple

I went hiking up to Stewart Fall with Caitlin and Sarah

It's been pretty cold and rainy the past few days, there was actually snow in the mountains!
First snowman of the season

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