Saturday, April 25, 2015

Don't you worry 'bout a thing


I apologize folks. Apparently if you don't write for a year, everything that comes out is a bit heavy. In reality, I am a mostly happy person!

So here's something sweet and cute to prove it. Chance the Rapper is a doll, and this video combines all my favorite things. Remember when I used to post dance stuff all the time? Here's some more of that.

Take me to church indeed.

Let's see.
What other happy news do I have...

Got two swimsuits from J.Crew for $17 each.

Just picked up Paul Blart Mall Cop from the library so that I can be all caught up before I watch the sequel with the fam.

And they now sell single cans of Q soda at Harmon's.

Give me a million, thanks.

I really couldn't ask for more in my life.

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