Monday, April 20, 2015

Master of None

I'm sitting at a desk with practically nothing to do.
And it is glorious.

Almost a year ago I was finishing up my last few weeks as an AmeriCorps VISTA with United Way My initial plan was to give myself a month to settle back into the city, get my bearings, and figure out what the next step would be.

That month has extended to a year.

I moved downtown. Signed up with a temp agency. Sold my car. Went to a million weddings. Half-heartedly searched for jobs. When fall rolled around, I signed on to substitute with several schools. Every once and a while I would pick up the odd job or catering gig to fill things out. So far this year I have worked as an ACT test grading runner, nanny, yogurt factory worker, merchandise counter. parking attendant, caterer/server, tutor, and substitute teacher at 7 different schools. When I did taxes this year, I had 8 W-2s. What can I say? I'm a hustla homie.

Jack of all trades, master of none.
I feel you girl

Now that year mark is coming up. I'm feeling weird, but mostly good. I certainly never imagined that 28 would look like this. Every aspect of my current life would be a shock to my younger self. I recognize that I am a lucky, privileged girl, and these risks won't break me if everything falls apart. But for now, I don't mind living paycheck to paycheck too much. Not having health insurance or any savings to speak of is a bit worrisome. I really just don't want to have a job I don't want. Is that crazy? Until I get things figured out, I'm going to keep living the millennial dream, eschewing adult responsibility as long as I can.

I really will get my act together. Later.


  1. there's this movie i saw that i think you'd really like. it's called "while we're young." ch-ch-ch-check it.

    in all seriousness, i think you're great and not that you're like me in this regard, but if you ever find yourself looking around wondering what's what insert this cheesy quote into your consciousness:

    “A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms.” - Zin Shin

    you bloomin, girl.

    1. Gosh Julia, that's the sweetest thing. Thank you.