Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July Mix: Independence Day After-Party

I am sore tired.
And I have so much to tell you. And hopefully pictures to accompany it.
But until then, you will have this mix to accompany you.

1. The Star-Spangled Banner - Stevens, Sufjan
2. Fireworks - Whitest Boy Alive
3. Independence Day - Elliott Smith
4. Magic America - Blur
5. Repatriated - Handsome Furs
6. Is This Love? - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
7. Babyface - The Elected
8. Through the Valley - Fan Modine
9. Leftovers - PS I Love You & Diamond Rings
10. Blow It Up - The Vaccines
11. Woods - The Rosebuds
12. It's Ok To Be Normal - The Gorgeous Colours
13. Some Kind of Death - Birdlips
14. Comme Des Enfants - Coeur De Pirate
16. Always Spring - I'm from Barcelona
17. America (Paul Simon cover) - Lucy Wainwright Roche

1. I visited the National History museum, and got to see the actual flag that inspired the national anthem. Sufjan's take on the song is now haunting me.
2. You recognize that voice from Kings of Convenience.
3. "You only live a day, but it's brilliant anyway."
8.  Guess you're on your own with this one. But look for it, it is worth it. Allison Bailey, if you are reading this, I think this is a concert that you would dig. We should go to it.
10. Maybe I'm behind of the times, but ambient surf is quickly replacing dubstep in my music go-to lists.
12. No vid for this one either
13. The actual track has a pretty prominent drum beat. Kind of like Pinback. I kind of like this pared down version. It is very pretty.

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