Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"You're a wizard, Harry"

Almost a week late, I finally watched the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Deux.
"What did I think about it?" you ask. "How did you feel?" What silly questions.

How would you feel as you watched your childhood disintegrate right before your eyes, crumbling and bursting into flames before it dies. And then how would you feel if you saw it "19 years later" and found that the product of your dreams was an emotionless, Justin Bieber-esque spawn and heroes that just got old and fat?
I'm talking to you Ron Weasley.


just kidding

I loved the movie

Did you see Griphook at the beginning was awesome!!! Did you see his teeth? Very scary.
And Hermione is very pretty.


Speaking of pretty...
Have you seen Neville in real life?
From this:

To this:

For all of you doubters, that proves that the magic of Harry Potter is real.
He is my new favorite.

On a more serious note, this last Harry Potter book is near and dear to my heart.
Harry struggles as he deals with Dumbledore's death and the fallout afterward. His relationship with Dumbledore, and his ultimate loyalty kind of mirror my own meanderings, especially in regards to my faith. Really!

Harry feels confused, like he doesn't have enough help. The odds seem insurmountable. At the same time, an "expose" of Dumbledore is released, and Harry starts to doubt that he even knew the man he trusted for all of his adolescence.
There have been times when I've had trials, and wonder if I had "enough" to navigate through them. I didn't have the answers immediately, so I thought that meant I was doing something wrong, or that maybe I was looking to the wrong source for inspiration. The LDS church (especially lately) is often under scrutiny. Conversations about its "peculiar" past can easily turn heated.
As I've re-listened to Deathly Hallows and saw the movies, I've recognized lines that I've heard in my whole life. During my mission, people would often ask me If I was "sacrificing too much" (like Aberforth did to Harry. eh? EH?). And how I could keep my faith despite not having all the answers.

But I soon realized that faith isn't really about having all the answers. Though I couldn't always eloquently share my beliefs, I also couldn't deny what I knew. Those sort of convictions that come from the heart are always difficult to explain, but they are real.

"Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean it is not real?"

Long story short. I love Harry Potter. What are we going to do now? No more midnight screenings... No more book release parties... I guess it really is time to grow up.

OH. And in case you're worried about what the cast will do now that the series is over, you can rest easy. Tom Felton's gonna be a rapper:


  1. gretcher. i must admit that i am a bit concerned by the amount of posts in which you talk about growing up.

  2. Yes. I am concerned as well. I think it's only going to get worse. Though I did watch the "Larry Crowne" this weekend, so now I do not feel so old (in comparison).

  3. love this post grechen. i love reading your blog. i still have that video from the night that we got onto the news. those were the good times... we still had, what three books to go? ahh we had no idea how good we had it.

  4. Oh my, that was so long ago... Remember when we stayed up WAY late listening to Green Day and making costumes in my kitchen? Those were the glory days indeed! Miss you. Hope you are doing well :)