Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ven a Bailar: This has been the danciest day of my life

Saturday morning = Zumba
It is so fun. The instructors are from the spanish branch in my stake, and they are also Zumba instructors at a local gym. They know what they're doing. Every morning, they come in color coordinated outfits. I love it.

So here are some of the songs we dance to, along with others that I have listened to on the Spanish radio lately:

Longest intro ever, you can skip to 1:30

Oh man.
You would love to watch this class. We are awesome. There's a lot of booty shaking going on in there. After class I went to the music store and bought this:

It's Radiohead sheet music! I've been a little obsessed with their song "Videotape". Seriously. I dare you to listen to this song and NOT let it become an obsession. "You shouldn't be afraid / because I know today has been / the most perfect day I've ever seen". SO, this was the best way to learn how to play it on the piano. Got it the first time. LOVE it. the book has other great songs too. Except it is missing one of my faveys, "Let Down". Oh well. I tried teaching it to myself, but I couldn't get the beats right. Try counting the beats to that song. I'm pretty sure there are two time signatures, at least at the beginng. Impossible. 


I went with Bethany and her friend Abby to swing dancing at Glen Echo Park.
I can't even describe it to you.

Think of it this way. Imagine a Star Wars convention. There are people who love it, and they are awesome and awkward. Like star wars kid. So this dance was like a ton of star wars kids of all ages, races, and gender(s). They were all awesome in their own way.There were more men then women (what!?) so we were always "cutting the rug" (that's dance speak for you newbs) with our new friends. Oh man. At the beginning, we learned dance steps, which were a struggle for some. But when they hit the floor, they would try and do every spin, dip, and twirl that they had seen in the movies or on "So You Think You Can Dance". The actual dance steps went out the window.  It was the weirdest/best thing ever. We laughed the whole time. I wish you could have been there.

So this was a very musical, dance-y day.

I am thoroughly exhausted.

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