Thursday, October 6, 2011

Black Stone on White Stone

This poem is perfect for today in more ways than one. Look, I even counted the ways for you so that you could be sure that I'm not lying.

1) It is in Spanish, and Spanish is a poetic language.
2) It talks about a Thursday, and today is Thursday.
3) It talks about it being rainy, and today was rainy.
4) It talks about death, and Steve Jobs died yesterday.

So consider this a eulogy of sorts. 

It is by Cesar Vallejo; give it a read:

"Piedra negra sobre una piedra blanca"

Me moriré en París con aguacero, 
un día del cual tengo ya el recuerdo. 
Me moriré en París ?y no me corro? 
tal vez un jueves, como es hoy, de otoño. 

Jueves será, porque hoy, jueves, que proso 
estos versos, los húmeros me he puesto 
a la mala y, jamás como hoy, me he vuelto, 
con todo mi camino, a verme solo. 

César Vallejo ha muerto, le pegaban 
todos sin que él les haga nada; 
le daban duro con un palo y duro 

también con una soga; son testigos 
los días jueves y los huesos húmeros, 
la soledad, la lluvia, los caminos...

OH. You don't speak spanish? That is a shame. Here you go. But this is nothing like the original in Spanish. Like, nothing at all. You should probably just learn Spanish. It is worth it if only to understand this poem. 

OH. My friend Tiana got her mission call today. 
Riverside, California!
Guess what is part of her mission?

You know I love the Salton Sea. I talk about it HERE and HERE. I was thoroughly excited about that it's part of her mission. I couldn't adequately convey how cool it was. I think I sort of weirded Tiana out. Oh well. 

It's almost tomorrow. 
See you when I see you.

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