Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Music for your Midweek: Masha Qrella

About a month or so ago, I checked out this movie from the library:

Paint Your Wagon
Doesn't it look great/awful? More specifically, Clint Eastwood's hair?!?! What is going on there?
I was inspired to pick it up, remembering a medley that the BYU Men's Chorus and Brian Stoke Mitchell did the a couple years ago at Homecoming Spectacular. I really liked it.

oh dear.


After I watched the movie, (which felt like the longest in the history of the world), I looked up some of the music. It's pretty great. I found a super cute cover of "I Talk To The Trees" by Masha Qrella. I know nothing about this band, but found an adorable live version of the song. Hope you enjoy!  

Click here for the original if you want to compare.

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