Sunday, March 3, 2013

"Where faith operates..."

This week, (being prompted after reading this blog post) I finally got around to listening to Doug Fabrizio's interview with the authors of The God Who Weeps. You can listen to the interview yourself here. I gave it to my mom for her birthday. If I'm lucky, maybe she'll let me borrow it sometime :)

"The call to faith, in this light, is not some test of a coy god, waiting to see if we “get it right.” It is the only summons, issued under the only conditions, which can allow us fully to reveal who we are, what we most love, and what we most devoutly desire. Without constraint, without any form of mental compulsion, the act of belief becomes the freest possible projection of what resides in our hearts. Like the poet’s image of a church bell that only reveals its latent music when struck, or a dragonfly that only flames forth its beauty in flight, so does the content of a human heart lie buried until action calls it forth. The greatest act of self-revelation occurs when we choose what we will believe, in that space of freedom that exists between knowing that a thing is, and knowing that a thing is not.
This is the realm where faith operates, and when faith is a freely chosen gesture, it expresses something essential about the self. For we do indeed create gods after our own image—or potential image. And that is an activity endowed with incalculable moral meaning. If we linger in indecision...we will not perish. We will simply miss an opportunity to act decisively in the absence of certainty, and show that our fear of error is greater than our love of truth."
I hope I get to read it soon! I've been needing some spiritual lifting. It's good to have a fast sunday to help me get started. 

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