Tuesday, March 5, 2013

please make me a classy old lady

I'm becoming re-obsessedwith perfume. I just love it. 

It feels like I've been sick for half of forever, which means all of my senses have been on hiatus. I'm finally starting to feel better, and have made all sorts of resolutions to NEVER GET SICK AGAIN and to ONLY EAT ORGANIC FOODS and to WASH MY HANDS 500 TIMES A DAY. Being sick is the worst. Especially when you can't smell or taste or breathe... 

But now I'm finally getting better! 

Last week I stopped by Nordstrom and and the perfume consultant was so cool and friendly and loaded us up with samples. I couldn't wait to be able to smell again and try them out. Talking with the consultant helped me pinpoint what I really like, and she led me to some cool perfumes by Bond No. 9 and Dyptyque

And look what I found! These guys did a performance piece by creating an "Everything" perfume. Supercool.

I want to own all the smells in the world!
Most days, I want to smell like a classy lady. And when I say "lady," I mean Dowager Countess.

Honestly. A lot of the scents I've been drawn to lately have been sort of old-fashioned, a little powdery. Here are a few of them. Try them out and let me know what you think:

I got this as a deluxe sample from Sephora, and I am very pleased! I didn't like the initial notes, but they dry down was just lovely and delicious and warm. It's hard to get scents to smell "warm" on my skin, they always seem to go a little "sour" or something. This made me feel grown up, and it might be too mature smelling for me, but I like it. I also really want to try the rose one, but I'm already betting I may not like it. I prefer my rose scents to be fresh, paired with something green and earthy. Sometimes modern. I used to wear Stella after all. L'Essence sounds nice too... I just want all of them!

I got this in rollerball form, purely by chance, and I really like it. It's actually not old-ladyish at all. It's more fruity, also has amber. More mainstream? I don't know. Isn't its name so silly? And the bottle super silly? But I would LOVE how it would look on my makeup table. It's so great.

I love this bottlllllllleeeeee. I just wish I loved the perfume more. Every time I looked through Vogue, I was always drawn to the Bottega adverts. So classy, but still interesting. Some of those pages I'd kept for years. So I'm more drawn to the image and idea of this perfume than the actual juice. Unlike Balenciaga, I actually prefer the first notes to the lingering scent. The dry-down is just inoffensive. Plain and pleasant. Nice, but sort of BORING. I'm wearing it now, and it's fine enough, but not enough to invest in. hmmmmmm

I'm just going to switch between these three for the next few days, and see how I feel. Isn't perfume just so fun?

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