Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Recap attack: The Tetons, Jacob Lake, and random stuff my dad left behind

Here some more of those photos all y'all like so much.

First off, going through my day's belongings, we've found some pretty random things, like these wipes:

I could see them coming in handy, I guess?

And this questionable supplement:

Not quite sure what it does, but I'm taking it. I'll let you know when I start seeing some muscles. 

Oh! We went camping!

We just happened to have this tent in our basement. Lucky.

We drank sarsaparilla.

And made a fire...that was quickly overcome by summer showers.

And then made a mad dash tithe car with the mallows we had been roasting in hand.

The next morning was misty and beautiful.

Home sweet home.

After a good breakfast at Jackson Lodge, we headed to the trailhead for Hermitage Point. It was beautiful!

So many lily pads!

The sweetest tiniest babiest tree.

There were a couple trees covered in this bizarre furry stuff... Any of you guys know what it is? So eerie...

Great view

Ingrid and Julie taught me how to take panoramic photos, but now I've forgotten haha

We took a wrong turn and ended up in this field. It was worth it though, obvy. 

Then we found this weird creature! I wish I could have taken it home, but it probably wouldn't have lasted the journey.

Everywhere was beauty. This was from part of the drive to our campground. Do you see the Bison?!

On our way out, I got a picture at "Mormon Row".

The next weekend, I went to Jacob Lake with Katie, Melinda, and Hannah. We had a grand old time, so much so, I hardly too k any photos. Here are some shots from the reservoir:

Sand and sky.

They made and impressive sand castle with a moat.

Jacob Lake in passing.

Sometime when you're single, it feels like even your food is mocking you.


My mom and I lucked out and got last minute James Taylor tickets. It was incredible. I was weepy the whole time!

Downtown Salt Lake was insane this weekend! With comicon, there were a ton of people walking around in costume.

I tried to get some shots, but it was too hard to from the car. This was an attempt at catching some Adeventure time kids. 

We went through a bunch of prints that my parents have kept through their travels through Europe and across the country. The one shows the world's "prevailing religions".

And last but not least, by brother moved into his own place, and hung his sweet poster he got from some band. I kind of want to steal it.

That's it!

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  1. That vegetable label cracked me up... looks like a summer :)