Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Music for your Midweek: Beach House - "Wishes"

And now one of the best music videos ever ever ever.
For once, I am not exaggerating. 

The winter/spring of 2014 was all one hazy blur. In January, February, March, and April the only things I remember are going to the gym, eating KFC, and sitting in my dad's old green chair while watching endless Netflix and Hulu. Beach House's Bloom was in heavy rotation in my car. I would leave work to pick up whatever fast food for lunch. Driving two blocks. Sit and sit and sit with the sun coming through the car windows. Feeling sick about having to go back to work in that freezing office. Every day was the same thing. A pretty lonely, miserable time.

I'm glad that it's over with.

Sometimes, hearing songs that are so connected to certain eras in your past can be painful. But when I listen to Beach House, all I can think is GOOD RIDDANCE to that time and isn't it great I'm not there anymore? 

Thanks to baby brother Jeremy for showing me this music video.

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