Friday, January 21, 2011

Sundance First Glance

It's official. Sundance is upon us.

First off was a little training session about a week ago. I got my vest, gloves, a beanie, a water bottle, and ...mascara? 

I guess that's a subtle suggestion for us to look our best. I don't know if you can read it, but the package says it will "millionize" my lashes. 
Andy got this tube that has a rollerball thing at the end that you are supposed to swipe under your eyelids to help you feel/look more awake... what? They are obviously really concerned with the state of our eyes.
I love it. 
Bring on the swag.

I'm going to be volunteering in this screening room:

It's smaller, and doesn't get as much traffic since it's out of the way. Should be fun though! Hopefully I will see some of you there. 

Wednesday we had another orientation and a staff party. 
Last night I went to my first screening! I really liked it:

It's adapted from a book that came out in 2008. The director is Richard Ayoade and this is his first movie. Before this he did a bunch a British shows that sound pretty funny. And music videos. These, to be exact:

He also directed the Arctic Monkeys "Cornerstone" and "Fluorescent Adolescent" videos. Note: Do not watch the latter if you are afraid of clowns.

NOTE: There are eff words in this video.
He also directed "Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa". Another note: whenever I hear Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa, I think my cell phone is ringing. Annoying. 

He did this video too:

So you know the man has good taste. The songs featured in the movie are by Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner. 

Side note: One of the guys from Vampire Weekend did the Soundtrack for a movie called "Sound of My Voice," which I really want to see. I think one of them is the director as well. But that got me thinking. There are a few sets at the Music Cafe that are "To Be Announced" and I'm betting that Vampire Weekend will be playing at one of them since two o their mates are involved with this filmy stuff. SO, go to the cafe with me. Should be a fun time.

Anyway, the movie is about a 15 year old kid in Wales and his mum and dad and girlfriend and stuff. Basically, it's what you would get if you combined Flight of the Conchords with a Wes Anderson movie. 
The woman who plays his mum is also in Made in Dagenham which I saw over break. 

Also, in doing research for this post, I discovered that it is the lead actors birthday today! Happy birthday kid!

I best get going. I'm having my first volunteer shift toniiiiiite!

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