Monday, January 31, 2011

Recap Roundup

These are the last few films I watched at Sundance:


Hmmm... so this is a movie that I should like. I liked the ideas and the images and the landscape and the message and everything. I liked the concept. But something was missing. And I just found Ben Foster....just... distracting. I kept picturing him as this kid:

and this kid:

Yes, that was Sisqo. And yes, I did own this movie soundtrack. And don't forget Ben Foster's contribution to Freaks and Geeks!!!:

Anyway. He just didn't seem to fit into this movie.

But I liked it anyway.

I want to go to Armenia.

The Convincer

This movie was kind of funny, and then there was a distinct, and violent change of tone. Like you start out laughing cause it's kind of goofy and then your laughing cause you're like, shocked and your reflexes don't know what's going on

Crime After Crime

This one really touched me, especially because it seems I have quite a few friends who are in law school/preparing to go to law school right now. They are the ones who can make a difference! Pretty much everyone I spoke with told me they teared up while watching this movie. If you want to find out more, you can go to this website. Also, if you want to help out now, you can text the word DEBBIE to 50555 and donate $10 to the organization.

So thank you for the movies Sundance. See you next year!


  1. unrelated comment. ive been searching your blog for the past hour or so that 20 minute song or whatever. remind me what it is. im tired and A.D.D so i can't find it.

  2. haha. Ok, it's called "Impossible Soul," by Sufjan Stevens. You can find it on the post called 25:34 if you want to listen to it!