Wednesday, March 28, 2012

And now for something completely normal...

Aren't singles wards just great?

I have a love/hate relationship with them. That is certain.

You start when you're 18. Sometimes, you're even still in high school. Though you mature, go on a mission, experience college, graduate, work, and otherwise get on with your life, your church social life stays preeeeeeeeeeeeetty much the same. There will always be linger-longers, munch and mingles, and "break-the fasts". There will always be lively competitions between apartments and FHE groups to be the funnest bestest greatest. There will be ingenious dating plans by the bishoprics, dances, and marriage prep classes to help push us along. 

Singles wards are an institution.

But is anyone else weirded out that you're pretty much doing the same thing that you were doing (in my case, SEVEN) years ago? Shouldn't we have, like, moved on or something? Maybe to something a bit less awkward?


I'm the only one who feels this?


And with that, here is the video that my FHE group made for our Ward Oscars Night (which we practically swept btw) in all it's glory.

*you may have to click to watch it on youtube.

My participation in this video guarantees I will get married, right Bishop? RIGHT?

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