Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rowdy Summer

Do you feel that?


We have just one day over sixty degrees, and I freaking out. My mind immediately skips over spring and jumps into the big swimming pool of SuMmEr..
I can't wait for it.
Can't Can't Can't Wait.

One would think that having a 9ish to 5ish job would make you feel more grown up. But it actually makes me feel like you're just a lousy kid, back in school. You have to be there on time, wait to leave, focus, your only break is lunchtime and a short recess, and you have to wear a uniform. Hence, when I am out of the office, I'm like a kid out of school. HYPER. And it's only going to get worse and I am so excited for that.

It's going to get rowdy.

I can't wait till we're in bonfire weather. I can't wait to go on road trips to Arizona (Melinda and Katie, I'm looking at youzzz). I can't wait to join the crowds at Rio Tinto. To lay-out all day and listen to awful pop music and live off of liquid and run up some mountains and drive all over the west and visit all those places that I haven't made time to visit and be with all those people who make time worthwhile.

I can't wait to be outside and be wild.

It's time to be a hooligan.


Here's a mini-musical-journey through the summers of my life:

In case you were wondering, I was Baby Spice. And I had the wardrobe from Limited 2 to prove it.

WE HAD SO MANY EMOTIONS. I still don't know how we survived.

High-school summers are some of the bestest.

*note: this version is not clean
**another note: yes, he does instruct you to "take yo do-rag off, let your mane go". Always good advice.

I missed a couple summers while I was on my mission. Since then, the summer months have lost a bit of their sparkle. But I'm going to bring it back this year.

I'm excited to start building the soundtrack for this summer. I hope you'll help me out.

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  1. so, what i'm taking from this post is that we're on for saturday...