Friday, April 29, 2011

Keep Calm and Marry On

I loved everything about the royal wedding!

Yes. I am one of those people. Though I wanted to stay up and watch at 4 in the morning, sleep got the better of me. So mumsy and I went over to Hevia's for bread and maté. We had recorded the CNN coverage so as to relive every moment. 

Did anyone else watch it on CNN? I loved Anderson Cooper's attitude about the whole thing. It is summed up in the picture:


haha. It seemed like every five minutes he was saying "Let's listen to the crowds", and trying to get them to be quiet. But he got into it a bit later on. And I love Piers Morgan and I love Cat Deeley and I don't remember who else was there...but Vera Wang? I felt that was unnecessary. Whatever.

The dress was beautiful.

and the hats


And I also loved that Harry got to ride in the "Kids Karraige".

Awwww look at how cute they are!

I hear that Ellie Goulding will be playing at their reception "after party". So here's a tune for the happy couple. Wish them the best.

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