Thursday, April 28, 2011


About twice a month, for the past 8 months, I have worked "standby" at Aspen Grove. Last night was my last lock-up EVER. I am done!
Here is a first-person account of what standby looks like:

The main duty when you work standby is to lock up all the buildings. I often dressed for this undertaking as though I were preparing for an expedition. You also need to carry a radio and the lodge cell phone in case you are needed. 

 Ready to go!

I never got used to this view

Over the bridge to Beckham lodge

The camp is usually deserted and quiet when it comes time to lock up. You will be by yourself, wandering around camp and through buildings in the dark. This is also a perfect opportunity for your co-workers to hide and pop out when you least expect it. They will take advantage of this opportunity whenever possible. This will put you on edge every time you need to lock up. Sometimes you will catch glimpses of yourself in windows and mirrors and you will freak yourself out. 

Creepy, lonely hall 
Creepy, lonely lobby 

View of the pond from Beckham lodge 


The paths will often be covered in ice and you will slip and fall. But it doesn't matter, because no one is there to see you. It is treacherous.


Bridge heading over to the Huish 

Staff photos from winter. We are such a good-looking family. Ha.  
The swimming pool 
If you give a moose a muffin...he will become a nuisance, and extreme measures must be taken.

Most of the windows around Huish are buried in snow. 
I often wonder if this his would be a defensive benefit or 
a detriment in the event of a zombie apocalypse. 

The Huish is a good place to do homework uninterrupted. 

But you will probably end up playing the piano instead.

These are photos of a mini-avalanche that fell from the roof of our house.

Sometimes, I am sad to see the snow go.

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