Friday, May 6, 2011

Cinco de Mayo

Last year we had a fiesta.
This year, I made brownies and ate PB+J. Boring.
At least I had these:

My first mission companion recommended this band to me because "la letra es bonita". She has good taste.

This was the first Latino group that I was ever conscious of. They have a soft spot in my heart.

OK. Some of you were present during "the summer of freaks and geeks". We used to watch multiple episodes of this vastly underrated show a night, waiting for a certain moment during the opening credits. Let's see if you can guess which part is was. Anyway. I feel the same way about this video, seconds :49 - :50. Love him.

This guy used to be half of Sin Bandera.

So there you have it. Four perfectly crafted reasons to love Mexico even more.

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