Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ramble On

Let's recap, shall we?

Roadtrips are so fun...when they start. Mom and I prepped well. We had carrots, we had candy, we had mate, and we had the dulcet tones of Blaine and the Warblers.
Let's just throw this up there so you know what you were missing:

I took a bunch of pictures while we were driving.
And then I dropped my camera in the toilet. boo.

Allison warned me that Wyoming was the worst state in the world. I understand it's bad when it's snowy, but Allison: your home state of Nebraska is about as mind-numbingly dull as it gets.


We spent the night in Lincoln, and then set-off once again. 

Winner of loveliest state to drive through....


Who knew?

We listened to Sufjan Stevens "Come on! Feel the Illinoise" while driving through Illinois. It was sorta awesome. Everything felt very "meta".

I don't remember much else about the drive.

We spent the night with Tia Hortensia and Uncle Bart. 
She had a great delicious soup ready for us (with cheese from Ireland) and cake (a British recipe). Anglophilia runs in the family.
I hadn't seen them in forever, so it was great to catch up.


This leg of the journey was marked by a sudden increase in evangelical radio stations, anti-abortion billboards, and the smell of cows.
So I choose the second option of googlemaps choices, thus leading us to drive on this:

It was beautiful. Very romantic and wild. 
For this part of the trip, we listened to the Cold Mountain soundtrack and The Avett Brothers.

"The rain it fell, and we got gone"

Man, that road was ISOLATED. 
I can't imagine actually living in one of the tiny towns along it. I was astounded at every turn. It started raining and got really foggy. My mom got carsick. 

We arrived safe and sound at Tyson's Corner in Virginia at 11:30.


So far, I have not been disappointed. The families I will be working with our great. The wards are friendly. There is so much to do.

This summer is gonna be sumthin'.

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