Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"Charmed, I'm sure": Old stone, Paris At Midnight, and Parts of Speech

What a week. A weak week. And a strong week at the same time.
My Pops came into town, so we drove around the town and he showed me this fantastic old chapel. It is absolutely beautiful.

Pretty incredible. There used to be an angel Moroni on top! Apparently, the Utah granite was no match for D.C.'s humid climate, so it is in desperate need of repair. It is now owned by the Unification Church. I will have to make another visit when I have a camera at my disposal. Go to this blog for more cool photos. And this site to learn more about what this church is made of (fossils!!!). You can also go to this blog for more pictures from the inside.

We then went to the National Cathedral, a totally different sort of experience. I will have to visit there again too.

After a bit, we went to see a movie. Midnight in Paris. Woody Allen, Rachel McAdams, Owen Wilson, Marion Cotillard, Adrien Brody... what more do you need. Everyone is in this movie. Best of the past and present.

You should watch it. You will be charmed. I promise.
It kind of touched on the themes of nostalgia I talked about in this post.

OH yeah. Then we went to Great Falls.

Lived up to it's name for sure. I could have sat there all day. 
But I couldn't cause I had to go SAILING.
It was fun.
I have no pictures.
But I probably looked something like this.

HAHA. actually not. 
But it was fun none the less.
I thought of this song the whole time. And this song. But not this song. H no.

Actually. I liked crabbing more. I was really good at it! 
Feel free to get me this shirt:

This post is ending up much longer than I thought.

You have to check out these tracks before you leave. My friend Julia Mecham, just released her album yesterday. Listen here:

My favorite track is ALL OF THEM (though I have a particular soft spot for "Little Bird"). You know that Julia is a good soul because when we were in high school, we went on trek and talked about Elliot Smith for like 5 miles. And you know she is a good soul by listening to her voice. And her guitar playing. These are good soul tones.


Look at all these charming things, people, and places.

One should never be bored.


  1. whenever my heart need a little centering accented with a smile, i look at your blog. and it never fails me.

  2. Gretchen!

    A couple things:

    1. sooooo jealous you got to see Sondre Lerche! BAH! Ever since falling in love with "Dan in Real Life" I fell in love with Sondre too...

    2. Did not know you were in D.C.?! Is this for an internship?

    3. Julia's album is great - what a talent!!! I will give her album a shout out on my blog this week. :)

    4. LOVED, LOVED "Midnight in Paris!" Have you seen "Everyone Says I Love You?" Ah! If not...go see it! Another great Woody Allen film with a superb cast!

    xo :[)

  3. -Katie- Well shucks. I can't wait to see you in two weeks and hear all your stories!
    -Roxy- I'm nannying in Virginia for the summer. It has been really fun so far, though the heat and humidity has been a bit much :) I will have to check out "Everyone Says I Love You". Hope you are doing well!