Thursday, June 30, 2011

Slightly Offensive: Accents for all occasions!

WODdling soundtrack: Phoenix "Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix", and this song by Polyphonic Spree 

As I've slogged through 4 years of "higher education," (essentially focused on the humanities and social studies) I've had to do a lor of reading. Sometimes (most times?) it's dull.  You gotta liven things up. Reading things out loud usually helps. Especially if you know the author's ethnicity. Reading it in "their voice" helps reading comprehension and retention (surely there is a statistic out there that supports this claim). I used this technique in my theories of anthropology class a year and a half ago. We read a good selection from those European philosophers.

Reading Rousseau's commentary on the "social contract" is way more interesting when read in a French accent.

If you are not proficient in a certain accent, you may choose to read it with a speech impediment (I chose to drop all the R's while reading Kafka's Metamorphosis). This is only to be employed when you are alone, since most people will find it offensive. Your little brothers probably won't though, so you can read with them, trading off paragraphs. I speak from experience. 

Now that I'm nannying, I am doing LOTS of book reading. My accents need brushing up; I don't want the characters to be underdeveloped. 

I started looking online for help with my accents, but it looks like a lot of work. 

Amy Walker does a decent job. But I was quickly bored after meeting her 21 times.

This kid is awfully offensive, kind of racist, and pretty good. It is essentially 24 variations on the eff word. But don't worry, all the things he says are "100% random," hahah. Sure). Watch at your own risk.

This kid is just AWFUL but he made me laugh pretty hard. SRSLY. i am still laughing. North Wilson and South Wilson. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

This one is classic.

Accents are hard.
Guess I better get to practicing!

On another note. Impressions and accents go hand in hand.
Have you seen this trailer for "The Trip" yet?

Click here to see the whole Michael Caine scene.



  1. Where's the nazi gold, gretch, where is it?!?!

  2. Haha. I just watched "Torchword: Miracle Day," which led me to wikipedia Doctor Who and all of it's spin offs. Now the Welsh accent makes a lot more sense. HAHAHAHA