Friday, June 24, 2011

Cute music.

WODdling Soundtrack: The White Stripes "Icky Thump" and "De Stijl" (P.S. The White Stripes are lo maximo. Really. I think they are one of the greatest bands EVER.)

I'm all about this right now:

There is so much to love in this photo.
Mr. Jack White has had some crazy past few months. First, The White Stripes ended, then he got a divorce topped off with a party, and now this. You should know by now that I am in love with Jack White. If you watch "It Might Get Loud," you will understand this love. So when I saw that he was collaborating with Stephen Colbert, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Anyway, click here for the full story and a TON of videos. This is my favorite one:

People are getting so funny.  So fine and fancy free. Especially music-y people.
There are all these great covers and collaborations to check out.

First there is a this Buddy Holly cover album.
He was such a dream boat.
Just look at who's covering him!

Notably absent from this list: Rivers Cuomo. WTHeck. Maybe that would be too obvious. His whole life is like a living tribute to the guy. 

He owes him big time.

Actually, it's probably for the best that Rivers isn't on the cd. We are not on good terms right now. BUT DOESN'T IT LOOK AWESOME!? You can listen to it for a limited time on NPR, here.

OH! and then there's that muppet/green album thing. That looks cute.  

OH! and here is a song in spanish! It is really cute too.

Well, the song is cute. The video... not so much. Actually it's really awful. Actually you probably shouldn't watch it. Oh my goodness. 

But look at these pandas!


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