Monday, June 20, 2011

Full Time = Fool Time = Pool time

WODdling soundtrack: Patty Griffin, "1000 Kisses"

To catch up quick:

Father's day was yesterday! 

I don't have a picture of my dad on this computer, so this will have to suffice.
If you went to his graduation from law school about 17 years ago,
then you will know why I chose this photo to represent him.
I think he had a good one. My brother tells that while they were on the Monster's Inc. ride, Roz "was attracted to him". Apparently she asked him out on a date. The old man has still got it.

Also, I'm on Twitter now! 
I am @GretchenDevine
Is that how it works? 
I have this many followers.
I am currently following: hypem, pitchforkmedia, RubySnap, theavettbros, tedtalks, AltLatino, browbeat, drshow, allsongs, KenJennings, nprnews, and nytimes.
I am such a nerd. I totally don't know what I am doing. I started this mostly just in case I somehow get stuck in Syria or Libya by some horrid twist of fate. That's how everyone has been navigating through the Arab Spring. Right? whatevs.

Also, I am a little bit in love with James Blake.

Also, that kid Rory Mcllroy.

Also, all you really need to listen to this summer is this album:

Also, are we going to this? Please say yes.

We made sidewalk chalk masterpieces today. 
Tomorrow I am taking the girls swimming. 
I want to take them swimming E-VER-Y DAY.
Any nannying tips and tricks would be greatly appreciated. They are 4 and 7 and super cool. I'm lucky to be hanging out with them.

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