Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What Would You Do? SUMMERTIME

What would you do if it were the first day of summer?
It was the first day of summer.
This is what I did.

Went to the kids house. Dropped Laila off at the bus stop. Played "bouncy ball" with Ava. Played "school" with Ava. Played "mom and baby" with Ava. PLAYED HUNGRY HUNGRY HIPPOS WITH AVA.

By the way. I don't know why people are still debating the causes of childhood obesity. There is an obvious correlation between the popularization of Hungry Hungry Hippos and the BMI's of 5-12 year olds. They have been indoctrinated to scramble and eat as much as possible at an early age. Now, whenever I see this game, I think of Donnie Darko. "How do you feel being denied those Hungry Hungry Hippos?"

Dance time with Ava (Selena Gomez was involved). Watched Caillou with Ava. Picked up Laila.
Got ready for swimming. Went to "the club". Came home. Shower time. Picked up the house. "Quiet time" for 20 minutes. Came home.

I haven't been to a pool like that since middle school. I much prefer lakes. But I guess a pool for the summer will have to do. I was the popular girl at the pool. A bunch of the kids gathered around so that I could throw their diving toys out for them to race too, and help them perfect their underwater handstands. I think I was the the only person over 15 who actually ever got in the water.  It's sort of sad that after a certain age, pools are for tanning, not for playing.


I came home. Chilled. Then walked to the post office. I listened to this song, and thought about how I'm in such a different place since the last time I listened to it. 

lights blinding, no way dividing 
what's yours or mine when everything's shining

your darkness is shining 

my darkness is shining

have faith in ourselves

Hope you had a good first day of summer.

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