Friday, December 16, 2011

I am the Snail

I collected snails when I was younger. When we lived in our flat in London, I would go into our tiny plot of garden and search for snails to fill my pail. One day, my mom put the snail pail in the alley so that the snails wouldn't get back in the gard. I was so worried. The buildings were so old, the walls curved in at the top. I was sure that they would fall down any minute, and crush my sails. So I steeled my will, held my breath, and ran down the alley to save them. I remember that being one of the bravest things I ever made myself do.

So that is partly why I made a board for snails on Pintrest.

Which led me to this.

Which then led me to a lovely poem:

"Upon a Snail" - John Bunyon

SHE goes but softly, but she goeth sure,
    She stumbles not, as stronger creatures do;
Her journey s shorter, so she may endure
    Better than they which do much further go.

She makes no noise, but stilly seizeth on
    The flower or herb appointed for her food ;
The which she quietly doth feed upon,
    While others range and glare, but find no good.

And though she doth but very softly go,
    However slow her pace be, yet ’tis sure ;
And certainly they that do travel so,
    The prize which they do aim at they procure.

Although they seem not much to stir or go,
    Who thirst for Christ, and who from wrath do flee ;
Yet what they seek for quickly they come too,
    Though it doth seem the furthest off to be.

One act of faith doth bring them to that flower
    They so long for, that they may eat and live;
Which to attain is not in other’s power,
    Though for it a king’s ransom they would give.

Then let none faint, nor be at all dismay’d,
    That life by Christ do seek, they shall not fail
To have it; let them nothing be afraid;
    The herb and flower are eaten by the snail.

I quite like it. Even fits for Christmas. I hope I am like that snail.

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