Sunday, March 20, 2011

all this ye can do if ye will

We had a great fireside tonight, wish you all could have been there. It was about studying the scriptures the Lord's way, and the blessings it brings. I especially loved this scripture that Sister Allen shared:

Alma 33:23
And now, my brethren, I desire that ye shall plant this word in your hearts, and as it beginneth to swell even so nourish it by your faith. And behold, it will become a tree, springing up in you unto everlasting life. And then may God grant unto you that your burdens may be light, through the joy of his Son. And even all this can ye do if ye will. Amen.

So to get this tree going, I've made a goal to set aside time in the morning for scripture study. 6 AM. My eyes haven't seen 6 AM in a long time. Oh dear. I will really need divine help with this one, but I know it will be worth it!

This will be me in 7 hours...

But I won't be wearing a wedding dress.
And I will probably be slouching.
And I don't think there really is that much light at that time of day.

But won't I look tranquil? 

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  1. I really appreciate that you post spiritual insight here. This was lovely. So much so that I am willing to be seen as a reader of your blog. Just what I needed...besides jimmer to sink more than 3 three pointers tonight.