Thursday, March 3, 2011

Once upon a Winter:

More photos that needed a digital home:

Jana had her 21st birthday this December (also known as Janapalooza). To celebrate, we invented a selection of virgin fancy drinks. Aspen girls don't need alcohol to get tipsy. We are silly enough as it is.

Christmas with the Devine's

We celebrate Christmas like true Americans. Classy and Commercialized. 

This is me, happy to have paneton and ready to make hot chocolate just like we ate everyday during the holidays while I was in Peru. I tried to look civilized...

...but this is how I really felt inside!!!!!


We celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. day with KFC, of course. 

Then my birthday was next!

My favorite chocolate cake from Bakers of Normandy. We couldn't find birthday candles. Luckily Tianna and Allison had a yummy scented candle that worked just as well.

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  1. Totally stole that adorable pic of us and made it my profile pic. Go MLKjr!