Monday, March 21, 2011

Hidden Notes : Notten Hids

Let's all appreciate Jack White a bit more, shall we?

Brian Muldoon and Jack White (right) of The Upholsterers on the cover of the Makers of High Grade Suites 7".

He did an interview with All Songs Considered on NPR. You can listen to it here. He talks about making cd's and writing notes which he hid in furniture that they were re-upholstering. I like hidden things. Stuff that people probably will never find or care to notice, but you know it's there.

When our family moved from D.C. to Utah, I wrote a note to our old home. 

Our house was a cute little thing in Silver Spring, Maryland. There was a sort of fire-pit in back, with slabs of stone making the floor. I would lift up the stones, looking for worms, and generally make a mess. That got me in trouble, cause then it didn't look right. 
Those stones weren't meant to be lifted. 
And then there was one time when I was given a big sticker (probably as big as whatever computer screen you are looking at) for someone who was running for office. I think it had to do with the school board. Anyway, they said that we needed to put the sticker where people would see it, so I put in on our front door. 
I got in trouble for that too.
My mom scraped it off.

Despite my best attempts to leave a mark on that house, all my plots were foiled; I don't think I made a lasting impression. When we were finally getting ready to leave, I ripped a page out of my journal. I don't remember what I wrote, probably something along the lines of, "Thanks for all the good times, pal". And I think I drew a picture of the house, smiling, like that one Disney cartoon:

I folded up the note really little, and left it in the corner of my room, half hoping that someone would find it, half hoping that no one would find it. 

When I went to Europe with my high school, there was a group that was visiting some of the same spots we were, just a week earlier. We were both going to visit this one cathedral is Spain (this one cathedral, ha!) and we agreed that they would hide a note in the under the second to last pew on the right side. When we got there, we found it! It was quite charming. 

I think I want to start this again. Hidden note sharing. So my fellow BYU friends. What say ye? Drop me a line, and let's make this happen.

P.S. Has everything I said today been true? Probably.