Saturday, March 5, 2011

We're howling forever, oh oh

I like songs about wolves.

You know Oh Land? I feel like I am kindred spirits with Nanna Øland Fabricius. Like when you see people, and you're like "We could be related... we are probably far off cousins". That's how I felt about her. Turns out I am probably right, cause she's Danish, duh. And her bangs look just like mine when I don't blow dry my hair. I always thought they looked kind of goofy, but she makes them look cool.

TV on the Radio is one of the best in the world. When I got back to from my mission, I got rid of their album, "Return to Cookie Mountain" because I felt that the above track was too sexy. Glad I grew out of that phase. Though you have to admit, it is pretty darn sexy.

James Vincent McMarrow sure is lovable. I like this type of music. Which reminds me. Guess what I'm NOT going to today. Punch Brothers. I am working standby up at Aspen Grove...all day and all night. I think that makes me my own one man wolf pack. Whoever you are dear reader, I hope that you will make the journey up to Ogden to see them play tonight. They are steller.

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