Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I see black black green and brown, brown brown brown and blue,

I have been to many a show at Kilby Court and been witness to many a winning performance. So do not take it lightly when I say that last night was GOLDEN. Probably the gold-iest of the golden. My face was beaming the whole time.

First, Allison and I picked us up some Mexi-Fries from Taco Time. We were slightly dissapointed when we found out that "Mexi-Fries" is spanish for "Tater-Tots". There was not even the semblance of Mexican spices or anything. Oh wells. 

Waiting in line, we discussed the different names for carbonated beverages. I loathe the term "pop". I prefer saying "soda". But I think that "soda pop" is the best of all.

Yep. I love soda pop. 
Almost as much as I love Dally.
 But that's a story for another time. 

Back to the show. 

Our expectations were not low, per se, we just didn't know what to expect. I was familiar with a grand total of 4 songs before going, so I was content with just hearing those.

The first band, The Steelwells, hooked us within seconds of hearing their first song. They were great. Allison and I kept glancing around at the crowd with looks on our faces that essentially said "This is AWESOME! Don't you guys think this is awesome?! Am I right? AM I RIGHT????". We were entranced. 

Next up was Grouplove.  I heard them for the first time on the radio. Can you believe that? Who finds cool new music on the radio anymore? It wasn't even a podcast! 
This photo pretty much encapsulates what the group is like...

...and if the sentiment on their communal shirt is true, these fellows are the most untrustworthy of them all. 
Every song was lovable. I was anxious to hear them perform their single "colours" (it's on my march mix if you want to check it out), but to be honest, it paled in comparison to their other tracks.

and then

By the time they were done setting up the stage again, I was pretty tired. In my mind, I thought, "I could leave now and be perfectly content". But we did come for Foster the People, so we would stay for them too. 

I feel like I am running out of adjectives here. 
They simply made the night. 
Allison and I were dancing fools. I am sure Allison's friends can attest to that.

We especially loved the enthusiasm of the maraca-shaking man (when a kid in the crowd asked the band their name, the lead singer shyly mumbled, "foster the people". And then the kids insisted, "No, your names!" and he rambled off a spew of names we couldn't really decipher. He was so bashful. As a consequence, that one guy will forever be known as maraca-shaking man in my book). 

Here is a video from the show I found. You can kind of see our heads bobbing up and down, right in from of the keyboards, and maraca-shaking man doing his thing.

To sum it all up, last night was wonderful. Just the boost I needed to make it through the week.
When I thought it couldn't get any better, I saw this on twitter:

I'll personally take credit for that one.
My work here is done.

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