Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The strangest of surprises

I went to put on my wellies this morning, and something in my left boot felt strange. I thought maybe the insole was just loose, so I turned my boot upside down to pull it out and...

a ton of rice fell out.


Like, probably a cup full of uncooked rice.
How did this happen? Was it some sort of weird joke? Why just the left boot? It really freaked me out, I thought they were bugs or something.

I left the dejected rice all over the living room floor as a testament to an odd morning. And I will not clean it up until one of my roomates fesses up to planting it in my boot. Otherwise, I will have to accept the fact that maybe a mouse was using one of my boots for food storage. Ewwww.

My search for "rice boots" brought up this picture:

and also lots of pictures of our former Secretary of State in stylish shoes.

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