Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Alt-J Concert Recap: "C-O-double-M-O-N"

I really really like Alt-J.

I've been hyping myself up for their concert this past week by watching interviews, reviews, and take away shows. I was a little bummed they would be playing at the Complex. It's not my favorite venue. When I saw Jonsi there a couple years ago, it was decent, it's
I Arrived in time to catch a bit of Wildcat! Wildcat! and their Tears for Fears cover before finding Julia. We got a good spot, though it was outside the on the outside edge of the speakers so the sound was a little muddy. BUT what we lacked in sound, we made up for in ambiance. Smelled so great where we were standing. FER REALS. Someone had to have been wearing this perfume that I used to wear while I was on my mission. And it mixed well with the other smells around us. A nice bouquet. haha.

ANYWAY, take a look at these guys:

They're so young. Babies really. Like college kids that got big seemingly out of nowhere. We could see it on keyboardist's face while while they were playing. Shock and awe at their own success. The music was fine; they were charmingly awkward. They essentially played their album along with Buffalo from the Silver Linings Playbook soundtrack and a mashup of Kylie Minogue and Dr Dre.

I've been feeling sort of old lately and being around all these hip whipper-snappers that looked like they came from an Urban Outfitters catalog made me feel even more so.
But then then Alt-J did an cover of Real Hero by College.
It was so tender. Melted my heart, and I felt a bit better.

No luck getting a set-list this time, but I got a piece of paper with their name on it in fancy font? It was great. Sure sure.


  1. It was a great show and a great night. The weight of the music's goodness makes even the hip holder a distant memory.

    1. haha the rogue hip holder. There's one at every show.