Friday, April 26, 2013

March Mix: "Sister Devine's Ciao Mix"

This one is a blast from the past. When I left on my mission, I put this mix together for friends and family to remember me by. It's quite good if I may say so myself.

1. Junior Kickstart - The Go! Team
2. Will You Return? - Avett Brothers
4. La Meme Histoire - Feist
6. Four Winds - Bright Eyes
7. I'll Fly Away - Kanye West
8. This Time Tomorrow - The Kinks
9. Welcome Home, Son - Radical Face
10. Girls Just Want To Have Fun - Greg Laswell
11. Crown Of Love - The Arcade Fire
12. M79 - Vampire Weekend
13. Australia - The Shins
15. Save Myself - Willy Mason
16. Heartbeats - Jose Gonzales
17. Viaje a las Montanas - Inca Son
18. The Lord Bless You and Keep You - Les Petits Chanteurs de Saint-Marc
19. Rise - Eddie Vedder
20. Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing - Sufjan Steven
1. I anticipated that this song would reflect how I would feel walking off the plane into Bolivia. I actually felt sort of the opposite. Terrified.
2. "Why can't you see yourself as beautiful as I see you"
4. I had just seen Paris Je T'aime shortly before I left on mission, and this song was featured in it. I thought it was really nice.
5. Remember New York Doll? I loved how they used this song in the movie. So fitting. If you haven't seen it yet, feel free to borrow it from me.
6. I was addicted to this album my second summer at Jacob Lake.
8. This song was running through my head the whole time I was in the MTC.
9. wow wow wow this song always gets me
12. One of the last concerts I went to before my mission.
13. I had this album on repeat while I when I traveled through Nepal.
19. "Gonna rise up
       Burning back holes in dark memories
       Gonna rise up
       Turning mistakes into gold"
            This is the atonement
20. A favorite hymn to end.


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    1. Yes! I love it. And i love you! You need to make a trip out West sometime soon!