Friday, April 19, 2013


Look at what Olfactive Studio is doing:

They've created a series of scents based on photographs. The New York Times did a little piece on it. I'd love to try them out! Looks really interesting.

Also, all those Bond no. 9 scents I've tried are a little boring :/ The only one that really stuck with me was Chinatown, but I don't know if it fits me. Plus they're super expensive. Plus I hate the shape of the bottle (sorrynotsorry). I think I'm only going to try weird perfumes from now on. I stopped by Lush over the weekend and tried a couple scents

Vanillary on my left wrist, Breath of God on my right. I liked both of them, but I just think Breath was little too masculine.Need to buy Vanillary. I REALLY liked it. 

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