Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The best 5 years...

On this day, exactly 5 years, I entered the MTC to start my mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I had no idea the profound effects that the mission would have on my life, essentially changing it's whole trajectory. I had my highest highs and lowest lows at that time in my life. I wouldn't trade it for anything, and I think about it everyday. t's hard to believe that all this started 5 years ago. They say that the two years on your mission (or the year and half if your a sister) are the best two years of your life. Despite the challenges and changes that came after my mission, every year since that has been my "best".

My room in Ica

True sisters. I miss you all.

La Huacachina. 

Back in Bolivia to finish my mission.

My last day as a missionary. It still brings tears to my eyes.
Since my mission, I've tried to continue being a disciple of Christ. Some days I'm better at it than others. I remember one of my mission presidents telling me that the level of spirituality we have on our mission is as high as it can get. He was both right and wrong. As a missionary,my purpose was to focus and serve others, all day, every day. That's not what life is like now, and I miss it so much. But I do think I've spiritually progressed since then. I am more confident, more understanding, and more patient. And I know there is still more I can become.

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